Historic Members

Archive of deceased elected members of the National Sculpture Society dating back to its founding in 1893.

Aarons, George
Elected: 1938Died: 1980Sculptor
Abbate, Paul S
Elected: 1928Died: 1973Sculptor
Adams, Herbert
Elected: 1893Died: 1945Sculptor
Adams, Lewis G
Elected: 1956Died: 1977Allied Professional
Adams, Mrs Herbert
Elected: Died: 1948Patron
Agopoff, Agop
Elected: 1961Died: 1983Fellow, Sculptor
Bach, Richard F
Elected: 1954Died: 1969Allied Professional
Bacon, Henry
Elected: 1921Died: 1924Allied Professional
Barthe, Richmond
Elected: 1946Died: 1989Fellow
Bleifeld, Stanley
Elected: 1964Died: 2011
Block, Adolph
Elected: Died: 1978Fellow
Borglum, Gutzon
Elected: Died: 1941
Cadorin, Ettore
Elected: Died: 1952Sculptor
Calabro, John
Elected: 1965Died: 1994Fellow, Sculptor
Casanova, Aldo
Elected: 1994Died: 2014Fellow
Corbett, Gail Sherman
Elected: 1907Died: 1952
DaCosta, Antonio
Elected: 1953Died: Sculptor
Daingerfield, Marjorie
Elected: 1942Died: 1977Fellow
Dallin, Cyrus E (Charter)
Elected: 1893Died: 1944
Eberle, Abastenia St. Leger
Elected: Died: 1942
Eggers, Otto R
Elected: Died: 1964Allied Professional
Eliscu, Frank
Elected: 1949Died: 1996Fellow
Ettl, Alex J.
Elected: 1988Died: 1992Patron
Facci, Domenico
Elected: 1968Died: 1994Fellow
Fasano, Clara
Elected: 1933Died: 1990Fellow
Fenton, Beatrice
Elected: 1927Died: 1983Fellow
Gach, George
Elected: 1972Died: 1996Sculptor
Glasson, Lloyd
Elected: 1984Died: 2014Fellow
Haas, Helen
Elected: Died: 1987Fellow
Hardin, Adlai S
Elected: 1947Died: 1989Fellow
Huntington, Anna Hyatt
Elected: 1905Died: 1973
Huntington, Archer M.
Elected: 1931Died: 1955Patron
Iles, Terry
Elected: 1967Died: Sculptor
Ingersoll, R. Sturgis
Elected: 1951Died: Patron
Jackson, Hazel Brill
Elected: 1946Died: 1991Fellow
Jennewein, C. Paul
Elected: 1921Died: 1978Fellow
Jones, Dexter
Elected: 1961Died: 1986Fellow
Kalio, Kalvero
Elected: 1956Died: 1969Sculptor
Kalish, Max
Elected: 1928Died: Sculptor
Kammerer, Herbert Lewis
Elected: 1949Died: 1985Fellow
Ladd, Anna Coleman
Elected: Died: 1939
Laessle, Albert
Elected: Died: 1954Fellow
Lagana, Filippo
Elected: 1935Died: 1963Sculptor
Lamb, Charles R
Elected: 1898Died: 1944Allied Professional
Lantz, Michael
Elected: 1938Died: 1988Fellow
MacLean-Smith, Elizabeth
Elected: 1957Died: 1986Fellow
MacLeary, Bonnie
Elected: 1930Died: 1971Sculptor
MacLeod, Yan
Elected: 1966Died: 1978Fellow
MacMonnies, Frederick
Elected: Died: 1937Fellow
MacNeil, Hermon A
Elected: Died: 1947Fellow
Manca, Albino
Elected: 1950Died: 1976Fellow
Mankowski, Bruno
Elected: 1941Died: 1990Fellow
Manning, Hilda Scudder
Elected: 1979Died: 1988Sculptor
Manship, Paul
Elected: Died: 1966Fellow
Marans, Moissaye
Elected: 1937Died: 1977Fellow
Martin, Sidney
Elected: Died: 1970Patron
Mayor, A Hyatt
Elected: 1978Died: 1980Patron
McCartan, Edward
Elected: Died: 1947Fellow
Miller, Richard McDermott
Elected: 1977Died: 2004Fellow
Nadelman, Elie
Elected: Died: 1964Fellow
Nageotte, Aleth Guzman
Elected: 1956Died: 1978Corresponding (foreign)
Nebel, Bethold
Elected: Died: 1964Fellow
Newman, Allen George
Elected: 1907Died: 1940Sculptor
Nichols, Hobart
Elected: Died: 1962Fellow
Nickerson, Ruth
Elected: 1945Died: 1977Fellow
Nicodemus, Chester R
Elected: 1932Died: 1990Sculptor
Nicolosi, Joseph
Elected: 1923Died: 1961Fellow
Niehaus, Charles
Elected: Died: 1935Fellow
Norton, Ralph H
Elected: 1952Died: 1966Patron
Notaro, Anthony
Elected: 1957Died: 1984Fellow
O’Connor, Andrew
Elected: Died: Sculptor
O’Connor, Robert
Elected: 1956Died: 1998Allied Professional
O’Donovan, Rudolph William
Elected: 1893Died: 1920Sculptor
Olsen, Almon D
Elected: 1952Died: 1967Patron
Olsen, Peter C
Elected: Died: 1950Patron
Ortmayer, Constance
Elected: 1935Died: 1988Sculptor
Osborn, William Church
Elected: 1947Died: 1951Fellow
Paddock, Willard
Elected: 1954Died: 1956Fellow
Paeff, Bashka
Elected: 1959Died: 1979Fellow
Panzer, Hans
Elected: 1956Died: 1964Corresponding (foreign)
Papasian, J C
Elected: 1929Died: 1957Sculptor
Parise, Michael D
Elected: 1969Died: 1992Allied Professional
Park, Madeleine F
Elected: Died: 1960Sculptor
Parson, Edith Baretto
Elected: Died: 1956Fellow
Patigian, Haig
Elected: Died: 1950Fellow
Paucher, Elizabeth M
Elected: 1959Died: 1988Fellow
Putnam, Brenda
Elected: 1919Died: 1975Fellow
Quattrocchi, Edmond
Elected: 1939Died: 1966Fellow
Quinn, Edmond T
Elected: 1907Died: 1929Fellow
Rachelski, Florian W
Elected: 1964Died: 1977Fellow
Raemisch, Waldemar
Elected: 1941Died: 1955Sculptor
Randdall, Grace Talbot
Elected: Died: 1971Fellow
Rapuano, Michael
Elected: Died: 1975Allied Professional
Rea, Samuel
Elected: Died: 1929Patron
Rebeck, Steven Augustus
Elected: 1923Died: 1975Sculptor
Recchia, Richard H
Elected: 1929Died: 1983Fellow
Reed, Whitelaw
Elected: Died: Patron
Sahler, Helen
Elected: 1948Died: 1950Sculptor
Saint-Gaudens, Augustus
Elected: Died: 1907Fellow
Sakemme, Antonio
Elected: 1929Died: 1955Sculptor
Salvatore, Victor
Elected: 1946Died: 1965Fellow
Sanford, Edward Field
Elected: Died: 1951Sculptor
Sanford, Marion
Elected: 1940Died: 1988Sculptor
Sanguino, Luis
Elected: 1960Died: Sculptor
Taft, Lorado
Elected: Died: 1936Sculptor
Talbot, Grace Helen
Elected: Died: 1971
Tauch, Waldine Amanda
Elected: 1964Died: 1986Fellow
Taylor, Francis Henry
Elected: Died: Allied Professional
Tefft, Carl E
Elected: 1951Died:
Tennant, Allie Victoria
Elected: Died: 1971Fellow
Turnbull, Grace H
Elected: 1946Died: 1976Fellow
Turner, Raymond
Elected: 1965Died: 1985Fellow
Uryu, Keiichi
Elected: 1992Died: 1992Corresponding (foreign)
Van Wolf, Henry
Elected: 1966Died: 1982Fellow
Varga, Ferenc
Elected: 1961Died: 1989Sculptor
Veasey, Ruth
Elected: 1967Died: Patron
Vonnoh, Bessie Potter
Elected: 1898Died: 1955
Wakeman, Robert C
Elected: 1957Died: 1964Sculptor
Walker, Nellie V
Elected: Died: 1973Fellow
Walker, Ralph
Elected: 1946Died: 1973Allied Professional
Walter, Joseph
Elected: 1936Died: 1987Fellow
Walton, Donald W
Elected: 1976Died: Patron
Yandell, Enid
Elected: 1898Died: 1934
Yasko, Karel H
Elected: 1972Died: 1985Allied Professional
Yates, Ruth
Elected: 1938Died: 1969Fellow
Young, Mahronri
Elected: Died: 1957Fellow
Zigler, Jr., William
Elected: 1937Died: 1958Patron
Ziolkowski, Korczak
Elected: 1937Died: 1982Sculptor
Zuckerman, Bernhard
Elected: 1956Died: 1980Fellow
Zurmuhlen, Pera
Elected: 1953Died: 1961Allied Professional
Zweisler, William Henry
Elected: 1944Died: 1983Patron