Historic Members

Archive of deceased elected members of the National Sculpture Society dating back to its founding in 1893.

Adams, Lewis G
Elected: 1956Died: 1977Allied Professional
Arms, John Taylor
Elected: 1946Died: 1953Allied Professional
Atterbury, Grosvenor
Elected: 1945Died: 1956Allied Professional
Bach, Richard F
Elected: 1954Died: 1969Allied Professional
Bacon, Henry
Elected: 1921Died: 1924Allied Professional
Badgeley, C Dale
Elected: 1973Died: Allied Professional
Baillie, Robert A
Elected: 1951Died: 1961Allied Professional
Bard, Albert S
Elected: 1958Died: 1963Allied Professional
Baumann, Brother Cajetan
Elected: 1954Died: 1969Allied Professional
Belluschi, Pietro
Elected: 1955Died: 1994Allied Professional
Beretta, Walter
Elected: 1961Died: 1968Allied Professional
Bierstadt, Albert
Elected: Died: 1902Allied Professional
Botsai, Elmer
Elected: 1979Died: 2013Allied Professional
Brinckerhoff, A F
Elected: Died: 1959Allied Professional
Campioli, Mario E
Elected: 1969Died: 1981Allied Professional
Carrere, John Merwen
Elected: Died: Allied Professional
Casey, Edward Pierce
Elected: Died: 1940Allied Professional
Clark, Eliot
Elected: 1956Died: 1980Allied Professional
Clarke, Gilmore
Elected: 1945Died: 1982Allied Professional
Cooper, Mario
Elected: 1987Died: 1995Allied Professional
Corbett, Harvey Wiley
Elected: 1907Died: 1954Allied Professional
Craven, Wayne
Elected: Died: 2020Allied Professional
Cret, Paul Phillipe
Elected: Died: 1945Allied Professional
Deacy, William Henry
Elected: 1956Died: 1967Allied Professional
Delano, Adams William
Elected: Died: 1960Allied Professional
Dole, John S
Elected: 1971Died: 1983Allied Professional
Eberhard, Robert Georges
Elected: 1917Died: 1965Allied Professional
Eberhard, Robert Georges
Elected: 1917Died: 1965Allied Professional
Eggers, Otto R
Elected: Died: 1964Allied Professional
Ewing, Upton C
Elected: 1956Died: 1967Allied Professional
Farlow, Edward
Elected: 1973Died: 1987Allied Professional
Ferriss, Hugh
Elected: 1944Died: 1962Allied Professional
Fitzhugh, Armistead
Elected: 1949Died: 1975Allied Professional
Franzheim, Kenneth
Elected: 1953Died: 1959Allied Professional
Fraser, Joseph T Jr
Elected: 1948Died: 1972Allied Professional
Gambaro, E James
Elected: 1971Died: 1983Allied Professional
Gehron, William
Elected: 1956Died: 1958Allied Professional
Geiffert, Alfred Jr
Elected: 1939Died: 1957Allied Professional
Glass, Milton M
Elected: 1987Died: 1993Allied Professional
Greeley, Howard
Elected: 1943Died: 1963Allied Professional
Hastings, Thomas
Elected: Died: 1929Allied Professional
Horowitz, Stanley
Elected: 1989Died: 2011Allied Professional
Hunt, Richard Morris
Elected: 1893Died: 1895Allied Professional
Hutchins, Robert
Elected: 1974Died: 1990Allied Professional
Keally, Francis
Elected: 1945Died: 1978Allied Professional
Kebbon, Eric
Elected: 1947Died: 1964Allied Professional
Kenerson, Conrad
Elected: 1964Died: 1985Allied Professional
Kennedy, Eugene F
Elected: 1956Died: 1986Allied Professional
LaFarge, L Bancel
Elected: 1958Died: 1989Allied Professional
Lamb, Charles R
Elected: 1898Died: 1944Allied Professional
Larson, Roy
Elected: 1948Died: 1973Allied Professional
Lauth, Julius
Elected: 1971Died: 1991Allied Professional
Levi, Julian Clarence
Elected: 1923Died: 1971Allied Professional
Lo Craft, Thomas Hall
Elected: 1953Died: 1959Allied Professional
MacKenzie, James
Elected: 1949Died: 1963Allied Professional
McKim, Charles Follen
Elected: Died: 1909Allied Professional
Murphy, Frederick Vernon
Elected: 1948Died: 1958Allied Professional
O’Connor, Robert
Elected: 1956Died: 1998Allied Professional
Parise, Michael D
Elected: 1969Died: 1992Allied Professional
Platt, William
Elected: 1961Died: 1984Allied Professional
Poor, Alfred Easton
Elected: 1953Died: 1988Allied Professional
Rapuano, Michael
Elected: Died: 1975Allied Professional
Reick, William A
Elected: 1945Died: 1978Allied Professional
Reinhard, L Andrew
Elected: 1948Died: 1964Allied Professional
Reno, John F
Elected: 1983Died: Allied Professional
Rich, Lorimer
Elected: 1958Died: 1978Allied Professional
Richard, Jerome R.
Elected: 1988Died: 2016Allied Professional
Savage, Eugene
Elected: 1945Died: 1978Allied Professional
Sternfeld, Harry
Elected: 1946Died: 1976Allied Professional
Sturges, W Knight
Elected: 1982Died: 1992Allied Professional
Svenson, Howard
Elected: 1966Died: 1981Allied Professional
Taylor, Francis Henry
Elected: Died: Allied Professional
Walker, Ralph
Elected: 1946Died: 1973Allied Professional
Watson, Ernest W
Elected: 1951Died: 1969Allied Professional
White, Lawrence Grant
Elected: 1950Died: 1956Allied Professional
White, Stanford
Elected: Died: 1906Allied Professional
Williams, Edgar I
Elected: 1942Died: 1974Allied Professional
Woodbridge, Frederick J
Elected: 1961Died: 1974Allied Professional
Wright, Frank C
Elected: 1971Died: 1982Allied Professional
Yasko, Karel H
Elected: 1972Died: 1985Allied Professional
Zurmuhlen, Pera
Elected: 1953Died: 1961Allied Professional