Historic Members

Archive of deceased elected members of the National Sculpture Society dating back to its founding in 1893.

Adams, Mrs Herbert
Elected: Died: 1948Patron
Alcalay, Leon
Elected: 1967Died: 1974Patron
Allen, Evelyn
Elected: 1979Died: Patron
Amabile, Mildred
Elected: 1961Died: 1984Patron
Andrews, Richard H
Elected: 1962Died: Patron
Ardolino, Daniel
Elected: 1969Died: Patron
Avery, Samuel Putnam
Elected: 1894Died: Patron
Ball, Hiram
Elected: Died: 2020Patron
Ball, Jay Otis
Elected: 1922Died: 1947Patron
Belk, Irwin (Life Member)
Elected: 1985Died: 2018Patron
Brownell, W C
Elected: 1893Died: Patron
Bussee, Edward
Elected: 1978Died: Patron
Cavalier, Sr., Ronald Joseph
Elected: Died: 2020Patron
Chadbourne, Mrs E C
Elected: 1952Died: Patron
Chadbourne, Mrs Thomas L
Elected: 1946Died: Patron
Chadbourne, William M
Elected: 1914Died: 1964Patron
Clews, Mrs. Henry
Elected: 1956Died: 1959Patron
Clough, Jane B
Elected: 1922Died: Patron
Cole, Marie Chase
Elected: 1959Died: Patron
Contini, Cesare Augustus
Elected: 1980Died: 1990Patron
Craven, Thomas C
Elected: 1951Died: 1973Patron
Davidson, Mrs Henry P
Elected: 1972Died: 1987Patron
Dawes, Dexter B
Elected: 1923Died: Patron
De Bellis, Hannibal
Elected: 1952Died: 1976Patron
De Kay, Charles
Elected: 1893Died: 1935Patron
Dickinson, Dr Robert Laton
Elected: 1945Died: 1950Patron
Donnelly, John
Elected: 1938Died: 1947Patron
Dowling, Robert W
Elected: 1951Died: 1973Patron
Drake, William J
Elected: 1923Died: Patron
Eberlein, Charles Wood
Elected: Died: 1955Patron
Ettl, Alex J.
Elected: 1988Died: 1992Patron
Ettl, Katherine
Elected: 1988Died: 1993Patron
Fleishacker, Herbert
Elected: 1929Died: 1957Patron
Fleri, Mrs Joseph C
Elected: 1969Died: 1972Patron
Foster, Allen Evarts
Elected: 1951Died: 1969Patron
Freer, Charles L
Elected: 1893Died: 1919Patron
Gifford, Walter S
Elected: 1929Died: 1966Patron
Gilder, Richard W
Elected: Died: Patron
Goodyear, A Conger
Elected: 1951Died: 1964Patron
Gray, Margaret
Elected: 1942Died: 1968Patron
Gregory, Katherine
Elected: 1958Died: 1989Patron
Griffith, Mrs Charles F
Elected: 1957Died: 1968Patron
Grimm, Peter
Elected: 1959Died: 1980Patron
Guggenheim, Mrs. Harry F
Elected: 1951Died: 1963Patron
Hammaker, Ernest
Elected: 1967Died: Patron
Hexter, Maurice B (Honorary)
Elected: 1970Died: 1990Patron
Hickox, Mrs Charles
Elected: 1952Died: 1970Patron
Howells, Mrs John Mead
Elected: 1954Died: 1975Patron
Huntington, Archer M.
Elected: 1931Died: 1955Patron
Ingersoll, R. Sturgis
Elected: 1951Died: Patron
Josiah, Walter (Honorary)
Elected: Died: 2005Patron
Kunz, George Frederick
Elected: 1893Died: 1932Patron
Landa, Maynard
Elected: Died: 1976Patron
Liskin, Elliot
Elected: 1979Died: 1986Patron
Magee, Mrs Rena T
Elected: Died: 1952Patron
Malm, Eric
Elected: 1984Died: 2015Patron
Martin, Sidney
Elected: Died: 1970Patron
Mayor, A Hyatt
Elected: 1978Died: 1980Patron
McColm, Harry L
Elected: 1967Died: Patron
Meiselman, Leonard
Elected: 1971Died: 1995Patron
Miller, Gloria Bley (Honorary)
Elected: 2007Died: 2008Patron
Norton, Ralph H
Elected: 1952Died: 1966Patron
Olsen, Almon D
Elected: 1952Died: 1967Patron
Olsen, Peter C
Elected: Died: 1950Patron
Olsen, Theodora Morgan (Honorary)
Elected: 1961Died: 2006Patron
Rea, Samuel
Elected: Died: 1929Patron
Reed, Henry H.
Elected: 1969Died: 2013Patron
Reed, Whitelaw
Elected: Died: Patron
Ruedin, Pierre
Elected: 1944Died: 1979Patron
Seymour, Whitney North
Elected: 1961Died: 1983Patron
Smith, Jr., J. Kellum (Honorary)
Elected: 1955Died: 2017Patron
Stein, Claire A. (Honorary)
Elected: 1987Died: 2014Patron
Swinsky, Mort
Elected: 2005Died: 2010Patron
Trees, Clyde C
Elected: Died: 1960Patron
Trosk, George
Elected: 1969Died: Patron
Veasey, Ruth
Elected: 1967Died: Patron
Vezzoli, Colonel Dante
Elected: 1967Died: Patron
Villard, Henry
Elected: Died: 1900Patron
Walton, Donald W
Elected: 1976Died: Patron
Watrous, Charles
Elected: 1955Died: 1968Patron
Watson, Thomas J
Elected: 1951Died: 1956Patron
Weber, Robert
Elected: 1977Died: Patron
Weems, F Carrington
Elected: Died: 1966Patron
Weil, Feliz
Elected: 1920Died: 1958Patron
Weil, Henri
Elected: 1920Died: 1949Patron
Weiner, Barry Ross
Elected: 1984Died: Patron
Welling, Richard
Elected: Died: 1946Patron
Williams, Lawrence
Elected: 1952Died: 1967Patron
Witherspoon, Mrs. N M
Elected: 1961Died: 1985Patron
Wolfson, Erwin
Elected: 1959Died: 1962Patron
Wulfeck, Wallace H
Elected: 1951Died: Patron
Wyatt, Inzer B
Elected: 1969Died: Patron
Wyatt, Mrs. Inzer B
Elected: 1969Died: 1982Patron
Zigler, Jr., William
Elected: 1937Died: 1958Patron
Zweisler, William Henry
Elected: 1944Died: 1983Patron
de Gregorio, Vincent J
Elected: 1969Died: Patron