Historic Members

Archive of deceased elected members of the National Sculpture Society dating back to its founding in 1893.

Aarons, George
Elected: 1938Died: 1980Sculptor
Abbate, Paul S
Elected: 1928Died: 1973Sculptor
Adams, Herbert
Elected: 1893Died: 1945Sculptor
Agopoff, Agop
Elected: 1961Died: 1983Fellow, Sculptor
Albright, Malvin Marr
Elected: 1930Died: 1983Sculptor
Albrizio, Humbert
Elected: 1936Died: 1970Sculptor
Allen, Margo
Elected: 1940Died: 1988Sculptor
Altshuler, Moisey
Elected: 1997Died: 2019Sculptor
Ambrosi, Gustinus
Elected: 1956Died: 1975Sculptor
Anderson, Dallas J.
Elected: 1989Died: 2009Sculptor
Artis, William
Elected: 1971Died: 1977Sculptor
Baerer, Henry
Elected: 1904Died: 1908Sculptor
Bailey, Clark T
Elected: 1969Died: 1978Sculptor
Barnard, George Grey
Elected: 1908Died: Sculptor
Batten, Mark
Elected: 1957Died: 1993Sculptor
Behl, Wolfgang
Elected: 1992Died: 1994Sculptor
Bell, Enid
Elected: 1952Died: Sculptor
Benson, Stuart
Elected: 1946Died: 1949Sculptor
Berti, Antonio
Elected: 1978Died: 1990Sculptor
Beuzenburg, Ron
Elected: 2000Died: 2016Sculptor
Bissell, George M
Elected: Died: 1920Sculptor
Brcin, John David
Elected: 1935Died: 1983Sculptor
Brenner, Victor
Elected: 1902Died: 1924Sculptor
Brewster, George
Elected: 1897Died: 1943Sculptor
Brooks, Richard E
Elected: 1899Died: 1919Sculptor
Buratti, Urbano
Elected: 1992Died: 1997Sculptor
Burkee, Irvin
Elected: 1990Died: 2007Sculptor
Burlingame, Sheila
Elected: Died: 1969Sculptor
Burnham, Lee
Elected: 1952Died: Sculptor
Burroughs, Edith Woodman
Elected: Died: 1916Sculptor
Cadorin, Ettore
Elected: Died: 1952Sculptor
Calabro, John
Elected: 1965Died: 1994Fellow, Sculptor
Carlson, Jean
Elected: 1982Died: 1984Sculptor
Cash, Harold
Elected: 1941Died: 1977Sculptor
Chianfarani, Aristide B
Elected: 1959Died: 1960Sculptor
Clack, Estcourt J
Elected: 1960Died: Sculptor
Clark, Allan
Elected: 1921Died: Sculptor
Clark, James Lippitt
Elected: 1932Died: 1969Sculptor
Clarke, Thomas Shields
Elected: 1893Died: 1920Sculptor
Conlon, George
Elected: 1947Died: 1980Sculptor
Cook, Mary Elizabeth
Elected: 1930Died: 1950Sculptor
Couper, William
Elected: 1898Died: 1942Sculptor
Craske, Leonard
Elected: 1924Died: 1950Sculptor
D’Andrea, Albert P
Elected: 1960Died: 1982Sculptor
DaCosta, Antonio
Elected: 1953Died: Sculptor
Davenport, Russell W
Elected: Died: Sculptor
Davis, Richard
Elected: 1938Died: Sculptor
De Cesare, John
Elected: 1943Died: 1972Sculptor
De Lauro, Joseph
Elected: 1966Died: 2006Sculptor
DeLuna, Francis P
Elected: 1926Died: 1975Sculptor
Del Deo, Romolo
Elected: 1991Died: Sculptor
Denby, Elizabeth Randolph
Elected: 1935Died: 1966Sculptor
Di Bona, Anthony
Elected: 1936Died: 1951Sculptor
Doyle, Elayne
Elected: 1994Died: 2017Sculptor
Farnham, Sally James
Elected: Died: 1943Sculptor
Feigenbaum, Harriet
Elected: 1964Died: Sculptor
Fields, Mitchell
Elected: 1949Died: 1966Sculptor
Fierro, Emilie L
Elected: 1937Died: 1974Sculptor
Fiore, Rosario
Elected: 1974Died: 1994Sculptor
Fisher, Jan Gordon
Elected: 1991Died: 2016Sculptor
Florio, Salvatore
Elected: 1969Died: 1976Sculptor
Frazier, Bernard
Elected: 1945Died: 1976Sculptor
Frisch, Victor
Elected: 1926Died: 1939Sculptor
Fry, Sherry
Elected: 1908Died: 1966Sculptor
Gach, George
Elected: 1972Died: 1996Sculptor
Geiger, Elizabeth De Chamisso
Elected: 1941Died: 1963Sculptor
Gelert, Johannes Sophus
Elected: 1898Died: 1923Sculptor
Giacomantonio, Archimedes
Elected: 1948Died: 1988Sculptor
Gibran, Kahlil
Elected: 1965Died: 2008Sculptor
Glickman, Maurice
Elected: 1948Died: 1981Sculptor
Greene, Sara Morris
Elected: 1919Died: 1919Sculptor
Grigor, Margaret C
Elected: 1963Died: 1981Sculptor
Gudebrod, Louis Albert
Elected: 1902Died: 1933Sculptor
Hafner, Charles A
Elected: 1930Died: Sculptor
Hammargren, Frederick E
Elected: 1933Died: 1968Sculptor
Hansen, Florence
Elected: 1990Died: 2017Sculptor
Harvey, Eli
Elected: 1902Died: 1957Sculptor
Heinrich, Christian
Elected: 1935Died: 1954Sculptor
Herbert, James Drummond
Elected: 1929Died: 1970Sculptor
Hoffman, Wilmer
Elected: 1953Died: 1954Sculptor
Hosmer, Harriet
Elected: Died: 1908Sculptor
Houser, Alan
Elected: 1994Died: 1994Sculptor
Howell, Alfred
Elected: 1958Died: 1978Sculptor
Howland, Edith
Elected: 1921Died: 1949Sculptor
Humphries, Charles Harry
Elected: 1908Died: 1934Sculptor
Hunt, Clyde du Vernet
Elected: 1933Died: 1941Sculptor
Iles, Terry
Elected: 1967Died: Sculptor
Isler, Martin
Elected: 2007Died: 2013Sculptor
Jirouch, Frank Luis
Elected: 1928Died: 1970Sculptor
Johansen, Melvin
Elected: 2007Died: 2015Sculptor
Kalio, Kalvero
Elected: 1956Died: 1969Sculptor
Kalish, Max
Elected: 1928Died: Sculptor
Kapousouz, Vasileos
Elected: 1978Died: 1985Sculptor
Kawamura, Gozo
Elected: 1939Died: 1950Sculptor
Kislov, Dr. Richard
Elected: 1978Died: 2012Sculptor
Kitson, Henry Hudson
Elected: Died: 1947Sculptor
Kittredge, Robert Yates
Elected: 1940Died: Sculptor
Knoop, Guitou
Elected: 1936Died: Sculptor
Konti, Isidore
Elected: Died: 1938Sculptor
Lagana, Filippo
Elected: 1935Died: 1963Sculptor
Lascari, Hilda K
Elected: 1926Died: 1937Sculptor
Lawson, Jess M
Elected: 1919Died: Sculptor
Lee, Arthur
Elected: 1950Died: 1961Sculptor
MacLeary, Bonnie
Elected: 1930Died: 1971Sculptor
Malmquist, Olof Carl
Elected: 1941Died: 1975Sculptor
Manning, Hilda Scudder
Elected: 1979Died: 1988Sculptor
Martin, Anne M
Elected: 1961Died: 1964Sculptor
Martiny, Philip
Elected: Died: 1927Sculptor
Matzen, Herman
Elected: 1900Died: 1938Sculptor
McKenzie, Robert Tait
Elected: 1922Died: 1938Sculptor
McKnight, Robert J
Elected: 1958Died: 1989Sculptor
Mestrovic, Ivan
Elected: Died: 1962Sculptor
Miles, Emily Winthrop
Elected: 1940Died: 1962Sculptor
Mora, Domingo
Elected: 1894Died: 1910Sculptor
Morgan, Frank James
Elected: 1976Died: 1985Sculptor
Mortellito, Domenico
Elected: 1976Died: 1994Sculptor
Mosman, Warren T
Elected: 1938Died: 1968Sculptor
Mues, A William
Elected: 1937Died: 1946Sculptor
Mummy, Pamela
Elected: 2018Died: 2018Sculptor
Mundhenk, Oscar
Elected: 1937Died: 1956Sculptor
Newman, Allen George
Elected: 1907Died: 1940Sculptor
Nicodemus, Chester R
Elected: 1932Died: 1990Sculptor
Noble, W. Clark
Elected: 1893Died: 1938Sculptor
O’Connor, Andrew
Elected: Died: Sculptor
O’Donovan, Rudolph William
Elected: 1893Died: 1920Sculptor
Ortmayer, Constance
Elected: 1935Died: 1988Sculptor
Papasian, J C
Elected: 1929Died: 1957Sculptor
Park, Madeleine F
Elected: Died: 1960Sculptor
Peabody, Amelia
Elected: 1938Died: 1984Sculptor
Peacey, Jess Lawson
Elected: 1919Died: 1965Sculptor
Pellgrini, Ernest
Elected: 1940Died: 1955Sculptor
Pietro, Cartaino Di Scarrino
Elected: 1890Died: 1918Sculptor
Portnoff, Alexander
Elected: 1929Died: 1949Sculptor
Potter, Edward C
Elected: Died: 1923Sculptor
Pratt, Bela Lyon
Elected: Died: 1917Sculptor
Prazen, Gary
Elected: 1989Died: 2016Sculptor
Proctor, Gifford M
Elected: 1950Died: 2006Sculptor
Puccinelli, Raymond
Elected: 1941Died: 1986Sculptor
Raemisch, Waldemar
Elected: 1941Died: 1955Sculptor
Rebeck, Steven Augustus
Elected: 1923Died: 1975Sculptor
Rogers, John
Elected: 1893Died: 1904Sculptor
Rohl-Smith, Carl
Elected: 1894Died: 1900Sculptor
Rosenthal, Louis
Elected: 1925Died: 1964Sculptor
Rothstein, Irma
Elected: 1963Died: 1971Sculptor
Rudin, Paul
Elected: 1968Died: 1992Sculptor
Rumsey, Charles Cary
Elected: Died: 1922Sculptor
Russin, Robert I
Elected: 1960Died: 2007Sculptor
Ryan, Sally
Elected: 1946Died: 1968Sculptor
Sahler, Helen
Elected: 1948Died: 1950Sculptor
Sakemme, Antonio
Elected: 1929Died: 1955Sculptor
Sanford, Edward Field
Elected: Died: 1951Sculptor
Sanford, Marion
Elected: 1940Died: 1988Sculptor
Sanguino, Luis
Elected: 1960Died: Sculptor
Sardeau, Helene
Elected: 1950Died: Sculptor
Scaravaglione, Concetta
Elected: Died: Sculptor
Schnier, Jacques
Elected: 1940Died: 1988Sculptor
Scriver, Robert MacFie
Elected: 1966Died: 1999Sculptor
Scudder, Janet
Elected: Died: 1940Sculptor
Searles, Stephen
Elected: 1958Died: Sculptor
Sears, S Philip
Elected: 1932Died: 1953Sculptor
Shonnard, Eugenie Ludlam
Elected: 1921Died: 1978Sculptor
Shrady, Henry Merwin
Elected: Died: 1922Sculptor
Sinz, Walter A
Elected: 1929Died: 1966Sculptor
Slobodoff, Izabella
Elected: 2003Died: 2004Sculptor
Staag, Jessie A
Elected: 1935Died: 1958Sculptor
Stea, Cesare
Elected: Died: 1960Sculptor
Steever, Edgar
Elected: 1961Died: 2006Sculptor
Stone, Beatrice
Elected: 1942Died: 1962Sculptor
Taft, Lorado
Elected: Died: 1936Sculptor
Tibbett, Mrs Lawrence
Elected: 1951Died: Sculptor
Todd, Mary
Elected: 1946Died: 1976Sculptor
Tompkins, Laurence
Elected: 1941Died: 1972Sculptor
Triebel, Frederick Ernst
Elected: Died: 1944Sculptor
Varga, Ferenc
Elected: 1961Died: 1989Sculptor
Wakeman, Robert C
Elected: 1957Died: 1964Sculptor
Weinman, Howard
Elected: 1940Died: 1976Sculptor
Wescott, William Carter
Elected: 1945Died: Sculptor
Whitney, Gertrude
Elected: 1917Died: 1942Sculptor
Williams, Frederic Allen
Elected: 1955Died: 1958Sculptor
Williams, Warner
Elected: 1959Died: 1982Sculptor
Woodhouse, Betty Burroughs
Elected: 1942Died: Sculptor
Zillmer, Rolf F.E.
Elected: 1982Died: Sculptor
Zink, Melissa
Elected: 1992Died: 2009Sculptor
Zinner, Christa
Elected: 2011Died: 2013Sculptor
Ziolkowski, Korczak
Elected: 1937Died: 1982Sculptor