John Sisko (1958-2016)

John Sisko (1958-2016)

It is with great sadness that we share the news that our colleague, John Sisko, died on Thursday, May 19th.  Sisko was an invaluable member of the Board of Directors and longtime Chairman of the Editorial Board. He gave a substantial portion of time every week to the National Sculpture Society and its programs, keeping in close contact with the staff and several board members.

Sisko wrote,  “My sculpture has always drawn from human and animal forms. Working with these forms began as an exploration of myself and, in a way, all of my work is about me; each piece a kind of self-portrait. These portraits express a sort of meditation about some aspect of my experience, such as my relationship with past and memory, the present, and the future. Most are reflections of a dichotomy, such as man and animal, physical and mental, or freedom and necessity.

Most also include a narrative that connects with the viewer, because ultimately, the experience of the viewer is not a general experience (as in the dichotomy of light and dark). It is a specific experience which fits into the viewer’s own narrative.

Emotions have bodies, thoughts have bodies, and stories have bodies. When I conceptualize my own experiences, I do so with the thought of a human body bending or turning or posturing. All of my sculptures develop out of a specific event and are refined using my skill, the craft, and the very real experience of making the work.”

Sisko was selected as the recipient of NSS’ Sculpture House Award earlier this year.  In his absence at the Honors and Awards Party on June 25th, we will celebrate his life and his outstanding contributions to sculpture.

Images shown: Grand Sow and Summer by Sisko

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