NSS Connections 2021

The National Sculpture Society will offer a series of virtual visit, tours, and programs to
connect sculptors with essential resources and each other. Open to NSS members.


Saturday, January 16th at 5:00 (EST)

A personalized, interactive tour of the facility and products with owner Marc Fields and the TCS staff. TCS, located in New York City, is a source for materials, tools, supplies, and services for sculptors worldwide. The facility has been closed to the public in accordance with COVID restrictions but is now open to NSS members during this virtual visit. Join us as we get back to basics, comparing the best tools, clays, and other time-honored products. Discover what methods and materials may be best for your media of choice. Inquiries before and during the program are encouraged.

To register for the event, email rsvp@nationalsculpture.org

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We look forward to seeing you!