Rosa Parks at Georgia Tech
Sculpture Dedication

Martin Dawe created a bronze & granite Civil Rights interactive piece called ‘Continuing the Conversation’. The piece of public art is two sculptures of Rosa Parks at different ages; one as a 42 year old (the age when her actions inspired the boycott) and the other as a 92 year old (the age she died).  The two sit across from each other, an empty seat between them, inviting passersby to join in. The piece is part of Georgia Tech’s campus.

Martin Dawe is a sculptor who works primarily as a commissioned artist in a variety of mediums. Dawe is well known for his figurative and representational work, which ranges from loose, impressionist work, to traditional sculptures with a late 19th century style. Dawe began his own custom sculpture studio in 1987 and incorporated as Cherrylion Studios in 1994. Today, Cherrylion Studios is the largest custom figurative sculpture studio in Georgia.