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Ho Baron

Ho Baron
My imagery has its roots in the ancients, like the Hindu and the Mayan, and the work is archetypal in nature. The forms are primal and naïve, and though brut, they are fluid and sophisticated. The sculptures are dream-like anthropomorphic creatures, and they are grotesque fantastic icons. Fun and whimsical, the images complex, tribal and surreal. They lend themselves to scenario, beyond monsters or gargoyles, to other beings that seem to come from cultures long ago or yet to come. Intricate, tactile and visually intriguing, my work presents a bold look into the aspects of humankind, the obvious and the hidden, the haunting and the humorous. My creations exemplify Karl Jung’s theories of the universal creative unconscious, and they are therefore metaphors that emulate the mythologies and commonalities of our species. Like the title of my monograph on my art, I satirically coin my work “Gods for Future Religions.”
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