NSS Ambassador Communities

The NSS Ambassador Program is an initiative that helps the organization reach an expanded audience of sculptors across the country on a grass roots level.

Ambassadors, who are appointed by the NSS Executive Committee, work with the NSS offices and members of their community in an effort to:

  • Provide a supportive and inspiring regional community where sculptors can connect with one another.
  • Increase personal contact between a growing NSS membership and the organization.
  • Better educate the public about good sculpture through local groups and programs.

The first Ambassador Community was launched in Southern California in 2016. The California community grew rapidly and ultimately divided its members geographically between the northern and southern parts of the state, forming two separate groups by 2018. In 2019, the California communities held a joint exhibition at the NSS Gallery in New York City; learn more. Participation continued to grow organically, gaining traction as word spread. Groups were formed in Texas and in the Carolinas over the next two years, and in 2020 communities in Idaho, Indiana, and Utah organized and started to meet.

Each community serves as a resource for NSS members, interested artists, and the public. Ambassadors are the primary contact for each NSS Community, in collaboration with the NSS offices in New York City. They help facilitate communication amongst the members of their communities and organize meetings and events with the group. Ambassadors share information about the National Sculpture Society and its various programs, such as educational workshops and classes, exhibitions, publications, prizes and awards, and other opportunities that encourage sculptors and promote sculpture. The current active Ambassador Communities are noted below, with respective ambassadors.