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Kaya Deckelbaum

Kaya Deckelbaum
Kaya Deckelbaum is a sculptor whose use of wire-mesh and light enables her to create dynamic shadows in her four dimensional sculptures. One really looks at two works, the sculpture itself and a riveting image created behind it. Kaya's work evokes the inherent coexistence between past and future,reality and mysticism,tales and historical events. Her sculpture "The Spirit"has been inaugurated into the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in Sofia, Bulgaria, a tribute to the spirit of humanity and conscience which gave the Bulgarian people the courage to say no to the Nazis during WWII and save its Jewish population. Kaya's creations are influenced by her Bulgarian, Israeli and Canadian Heritages. She is the recipient of Lorenzo Il Magnifico award at the Florence Biennale. Kaya creates in her studio in Hastings on Hudson,NY
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