Thomas McClelland

Tom McClelland
As a creative individual, I have diverse interests and concerns. My art is, and has always been primarily concerned with content that is a balancing of personal experiences and commentary fused with universal symbolism, the focus of which is our collective humanity. Whether working on mixed media drawings, freely expressive sculpture, or public and private commissions, I try to maintain the balancing act through a self-critical process combined with intuitive responses to the applications of various media. Since beginning my career in competitive exhibitions and commissioned works at age 14, I have worked in a wide array of media and techniques, some traditional such as bronze casting, and some less so, such as performance art incorporating music, dance and sculpture. Through my adult years, I have received both academic credentials and "real world" apprenticeship training. I have spent many years as a laborer and craftsman, while continuing explorations in art at the core of my life.
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