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Susie Chisholm

Elected Sculptor
Susie Chisholm
I have spent my entire life being surrounded, encouraged and inspired by art. My parents were both in art and so I visited museums and had private art lessons from a very early age. Art has been my life's passion. I am primarily a figurative/portrait bronze sculptor with work ranging from tabletop to monumental. My monumental pieces can be found throughout the country and my smaller pieces are in collections around the world. I specialize in sculpting historical and living subjects and bring them to life in bronze. I do a great deal of research for all of the historical projects I have been involved in. I investigate the subject’s history and personality, physical attributes, and the appropriate period clothing they would have worn. My sculptures tell a wordless story, conveying the emotion of a moment in time through facial expression, body language, and clothing movement. My motto is, “It is not how life-like you make a sculpture, but how much life you give it.”
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