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Jeff Birchill

Elected Sculptor
Jeff Birchill
After 35 years of international awards for graphic designs, Jeff returned to sculpting mostly animals in stone. Using a hammer and chisels for the creative stages, he releases the image within the stone, applying the “direct carving” method, and still looks like stone when finished. The greatest teacher is each stone and its individual characteristics. His relationship with the animal kingdom extends nearly seven decades, and are his usual subjects. The studio is under towering pines where above the tapping of the hammer you can still hear the symphony of birds and the chatter of the squirrels. When not sculpting he can be found walking the woods amongst his forest friends or guiding others on the trails. He became a Signature Member in The Society of Animal Artist in 2013, and shortly had a solo 12 week exhibit of his stone animals in The Morris Museum of Art.
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