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Fred X Brownstein

Fred X Brownstein
Contemporary Figurative Sculpture in Marble and Bronze - I believe that good craftsmanship is necessary to create a Work of Art. Prior to moving to Vermont in 1991, I worked and studied in Italy for sixteen years to learn sculpture techniques from Master craftsmen. (artigiani) After a four year apprenticeship carving marble I studied figure drawing with Maestra Nerina Simi in Florence from 1980 through 1984. My goal is to create contemporary figurative sculpture with traditional methods in bronze and marble. Most of my work is site specific sculpture commissioned by public or private clients. However, I always take time to create artwork to make a personal statement. I like to make sculpture with meaning and each piece is a visual poem open to interpretation. To help preserve the art of marble carving, I teach workshops and present lecture/demonstrations at colleges and museums. Please see for additional examples of my work
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