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Kenneth R. Bruno

Kenneth R. Bruno
I started my journey in sculpting in 1991, and over the years it has become a real passion. It first provided a restful counterbalance to the pressures of the corporate world, but then opened a new world of creativity and beauty. The transformation of a mound of clay into an eye and emotion pleasing piece of art offers the sculptor a great feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction. With my recent retirement, after a 42 year executive and management career with IBM, I’m now able to dedicate my time and energies to the development of my sculpting. My principle medium is terra cotta, a very friendly and responsive material. My over 180 pieces are focused in seven key areas: The Leaders Collection, The Greek/Roman Collection, The Maiden Collection, The Contemporary Collection, The Spiritual Collection, The Hand Collection, and The Animal Collection. Please visit my web site ( and browse some of my work. I’d like to thank master sculptors Peter Rubino and Adel Saghir at the Silvermine Guild Arts Center and Director Dale Shaw at The Clayplace Art Center for sharing some of their incredible skill with me and helping to foster my love for this exciting experience.
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