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Lance Glasser

Lance A Glasser
Sculptor Lance Glasser has always been drawn to figurative art, especially when gesture and motion are the dominant themes. His bronze sculptures have a fluidity of line that belies their solidity. “I’m always thinking about the rhythm of the finished piece,” says Glasser. “Finding the lines of motion is the only way I know to make a piece of bronze imply movement.” Always striving for nuanced effects, Glasser incorporates textures and patinas that suit each subject and concentrates on facial expressions that fit the milieu of each subject. His dynamic bronzes have won multiple awards and are included in numerous collections around the world. Glasser was born in the Year of the Dragon and he notes with a wry grin that that could explain his penchant for fantasy elements in his work. He challenges the viewer to find the twist in each of his works of art.
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