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Deanna Rae C Montero

Deanna Rae C. Montero
Artist Statement Discovery and curiosity drive my love for the natural world. All my life I've loved spending countless hours outside listening to the sounds of the Earth. The drip drip of rain drops falling from the roof and the calm munching on hay from the horses in the rows of stalls down the barn aisles. Spending my childhood being part of creation brought me to love its beauty and the peace it brings to my soul. Clay brings happiness into my life as I capture nature's beauty that surrounds me. Seeing a sculpture emerge as it is forged in the flames of the crucible brings me a joyfulness I can then bring to others through sculpture. Societies Exhibitions and Publications The National Sculpture Society (New York, NY) Plein Air Expo (PACE) Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine Ex Arte Equinus Community Outreach NSS, NorCal Ambassador 2018-2021 Hands on The Arts, Children's Fair, Sunnyvale, CA 2018-2020 Community School of Music, Summer Fair, Mountain View, CA 2018
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