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Goksin Carey

Goksin Carey
Ms. Carey is teaching Online Zoom Workshops to help her continuing and beginning students who wants to stay connected and continue sculpting on during Covid-19 days, Ms.Carey was already well known in The Town of Middleburg even before her six feet bronze fox sculpture monument found a permanent place in The Middleburg Community Center plaza.Yet she started as a self-taught artist whose love of nature and animals, especially horses find a voice in her hands as sculpture. She teaches Equine Sculpting Workshops at AIM Artists in Middleburg, since 2014 with well over 300 local out of state and overseas students.Each year in July and November she returns to NSLM National Sports Library and Museum, Middleburg, VA to instruct a weeklong full day intense equine sculpting workshop. Her meticulous, well structured and inside out instructions carved a path for her students to become instructors or professional sculptors. For further detail :
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