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Thomas Berger

Thomas Berger
Thomas Berger creates organic and figurative work in granite and bronze, varying in size from hand-held pieces to large scale public works. Organic forms, fish and invertebrates are among his favorite subjects. A fossil-like apperance points at the vulnerability of life. On the other hand, his play sculptures are friendly companions in public parks. Berger is a multi-faceted person inspired by the beauty of nature which guides his art work, landscape design, and photography. He sculpts and paints since childhood and draws from a life-long experience in gardening and as a naturalist. He grew up in a rural town on the Moselle river in Germany, where he developed a deep passion for the beauty of nature. He studied agriculture and worked in Germany, France, Australia and West Africa, and is the owner of 'Green Art' in southern Maine . His sculpture is found in private collections and public parks in New England and beyond. He won awards for his design work, sculpting and photography.
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