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Lindley Briggs

Elected Sculptor
Lindley Briggs
The boundaries between fantasy, reality and surreality are not necessarily firm. I love to explore and manipulate these boundaries. For years I have created fantastic winged, feathered and finned creatures in both two and three dimensions. My creatures are seldom purely realistic. They often express my feelings about relationships between men and women and the infinite levels of male/female interaction in the environment that surrounds them - earthly, celestial or aquatic. My work has long been inspired by my lifelong fascination with the incredible beauty of natural forms - clouds, shells, wings, figures and the fanciful imagery from classical Greek and Roman mythology, with its winged, dancing and otherwise dynamic deities. Although my sculpture is evocative of the classical Olympian gods and goddesses, I feel it reflects a contemporary sensibility. It is gentle, joyful, sometimes ironic and often dreamlike. If labeled, it can be described as “stylized realism”.
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