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Kim Bernadas

Kim Bernadas
A Sculptor of the figure and the portrait for over 20 years, each experience with her subject is an exciting journey of exploration, unveiling the uniqueness and beauty that lies within all of us, and the challenge to express this in her work . Kim's artistic training began at New Orleans Academy of Fine Art in 1991, where she presently teaches portrait and figurative sculpture. In 2006, her sculpture instruction became an integral part of a concentrated study offered to the plastic surgery residents of two medical Universities – Tulane and LSU. Anatomy, symmetry and the relationships of individual features are emphasized to create an aesthetic approach in an effort to further enhance a medical procedure. An active member of the WAOW, NSS, and notably the Portrait Society of America, where her sculpture, "Tasha" was awarded Honorable Mention in the 2014 Members Competition. Kim's artistic goals are to "continuously challenge myself to bring freshness and soulful energy to each new work, and embrace new ways to enrich my knowledge and technical skill . I strive to hold true the meaning of the phrase “fine art”, and to pursue the thought that my work must continue to reach toward its worthiness of this title."
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