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Michael Cardacino

Michael Cardacino
Michael Cardacino, multimedia artist who lives and works in Springs, East Hampton, NY. His art, realized in sculpture, installations, stills and performance pieces on paper and video, shows an unusual representational take on how art can expand awareness. He fuses art, technology, and spirituality, with the intention to provoke a constructive conversation about the causes of suffering and conflict in the world. Using additive manufacturing techniques and computer software, Cardacino developed a 3D printed sculptural technique that draws from ancient traditions of carving, mold making, casting, and direct metal techniques of the industrial age. The sculptures appear to be solid objects with highly patterned and perforated metallic exteriors. Closer in, they are revealed to be hollow-bodied, with light passing through their fantastically ornate skins. At first glance the surface patterns resemble panels of lace, delicate paper cut-outs, or scrolling calligraphy, but they coalesce into stylized, readable words.
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