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Cindy Britan

Cindy Britan
I am intrigued by the human condition and inspired by the ability of one to not only recover from unspeakable life challenges; but emerge resilient. My former career as a play therapist, sensitized me to these complex processes, and has inspired my pieces. My metaphorical human and anthropomorphic animal figures reflect my life experiences and observations. For as long as I can remember I have seen faces in everything that possessed the slightest texture or pattern, from clouds, ceilings and tiles to bushes and trees. It is always exciting to pull a piece of clay and see the face, like a little spirit within the clay. This fascination has been a driving force in my interest in facial expressions. My goal is to capture these expressions and micro-expressions in each piece whether it is an ornament or a large sculpture. I hand-build my pieces with mid-fire clay, using colored terra sigillata, stains, underglaze and glaze in multiple firings. Whether a piece disturbs or delights, my hope is to engage and elicit an emotional response. Every sculpture is a unique, one-of-a-kind, story teller. I live and work on a small farm in rural Boulder County, where I am grateful to live in such an inspiring environment. My website is and you can follow me on Instagram @britanstudios.
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