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James Fatata

James Fatata
James Fatata is an accomplished artist who works primarily with clay to create unique, representational, figurative sculptures in the classical, realism style. He interprets and explores the subtle nuances of sculptural forms to accurately portray and celebrate the human form while exploring different aspects of the human experience. Stoneware clay sculptures are fired to achieve a pearl-white or terra cotta color, and then frequently hand worked to achieve a marble-like surface. Sculptures are also sometimes left with a rougher more organic surface or given additional surface treatments such as decoupage, faux bronze or pastel chalk coloration, or a glazed finish. Works by Fatata have been juried into numerous art shows and exhibitions, and he is available for commissions. A native of North Carolina, Jim earned an undergraduate and a Master’s degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He completed additional postgraduate work at North Carolina State University.
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