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Michael Bernard

Michael Bernard
As a California-based conceptual artist with formal training in Architecture, he creates sculpture and spatial interventions as works themed on human perception. Since 2020, he’s sculpted life-sized figures in plaster using surrealist gestures as a visual narrative. - Having relocated many times throughout his life, particularly uprooting to Guatemala as a teenager, frames a muse with identity and Placemaking in his home state. His return to California in the early 2000s to attend CalPoly San Luis Obispo earned him a Bachelor's Degree in Architecture by 2006. Shortly thereafter, he relocated to Seattle and subsequently Boston to practice where acting on personal agency would become a driving theme in his works. - A background in custom home building has been foundational translating design concepts to sculpture as spatial interventions. His current position as a professional art installer stylizing home interiors has held him in high esteem with Space Designers and Art enthusiasts.
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