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The Compleat Sculptor

Allied Professional
Marc Fields
For years, my mother, who is a sculptor, had been complaining that she had no place to get good quality stone, no place that offered a complete line of tools and supplies, no place that understood the needs of sculptors. Because I wanted to make my mother happy, I have created that place --- The Compleat Sculptor.Having grown up in close contact with many artists, I have come to understand how difficult and demanding the creative process can be. I also know how frustrating it is to have that process needlessly complicated by a lack of access to the proper tools or materials, and by having to spend endless amounts of time trying to arrange all of the details that go into a finished sculpture. That is why I have created The Compleat Sculptor --- to supply you with as complete a line of services as possible and to assist you in the creation of your sculpture. This is why we feel that we can truly say: "You supply the talent... We'll supply the rest." We look forward to working with you
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