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Sculpture House, Inc.

Allied Professional
Bruner Barrie
Mr. Barrie has worked for Sculpture House since the age of 14 when hired by Alex J. Ettl on his farm in Princeton, NJ where he made ROMA PLASTILINA. He has continued his trade for more than 60 years by making all of the various tools and materials sold by Sculpture House with a short four years break to proudly serve in the United States Air Force between 1966-1970. Mr. Barrie is still hard at the job even today. Founded in 1883, Sculpture House is known around the world for its signature sculpting materials, tools, and accessories, ranging from ROMA and PRIMA Professional Grade Plastilinas, Boneware, and Claystone self-hardening clays, and Earthenware and Stoneware ceramic clays to soapstone and alabaster in various colors including green and white. Our collection of steel, wire-end, and wooden tools for clay modeling, stone and wood carving, ceramics, and encaustics are produced by master craftsmen in the U.S. and Italy.
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