Dr Gindi

Associate Member
Switzerland-based sculptor Dr Gindi works with clay, bronze and other materials to explore the rift of the human condition. Originally educated as medical doctor she followed her vocation and graduated in classic sculpting at the renowned Florence Academy of Art. Her work has been widely exhibited including acclaimed shows in Spain, Italy, Germany and Switzerland. From the onset, it was clear for her that she wanted to model the potential infinity of our existence as she yearns to illustrate humanity beyond transient flesh and bones. Her work is seemingly figurative in form at first glance, but her artistic understanding is, in fact, closely tied to imaginatory territories. Dr Gindi was a finalist at the 2021 International Art Salon with her sculpture Transfigured Immortality and was selected for the 2021 Figurativas Painting and Sculpture Competition of the European Museum of Modern Art with The Fateful Choice.
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