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Bobbie Carlyle Sculpture

Bobbie Carlyle
"I create monumental bronze sculptures that capture bold strength and provocative intelligence. My figures go beyond first impressions to challenge the intellect and cause the viewer to look within themselves for greater meaning. My work reflects my love for classic sculpture, presenting a modern approach with its presentation and a psychological approach for connection to the struggles and triumphs of life." I am an internationally renowned sculptor whose works are installed in around the globe and am most known for my Self Made Man sculpture depicting man carving himself and his future from stone from which he emerges. Earning a Fine Art degree from Brigham Young University and with 40+ years of experience, my work is influenced by Michaelangelo, Solon and Gutzon Borglum, Rodin, Daniel Chester French, and Leonardo Bistolfi. My own life’s struggles, with its hard-won insights, and my seven children have been inspirations to many of my works.
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