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Karen Bailor

Karen Bailor
I suppose I can be called a born again sculptor. I was exposed to sculpting with Free Electives in college many years ago as I pursued another career. Upon retirement, I literally gave up my previous commitments and memberships and chose to completely re-invent myself and delved into art. For about 5 years, I studied figurative sculpting under Maryland sculptor, Rick Casali, and took ceramic classes at our Academy Art Museum in Easton, MD as well as became a docent for them to learn more about art history. I have a BA in Sociology, Anthropology, Psychology from West Chester State University, PA, and an MSW degree from University of Michigan. I also attended the International Summer School, University of Oslo, Norway, I am active with the local Wednesday Morning Artists group which is involved with an ongoing Community & Art Program in Cambridge, MD. and currently exhibiting in The Human Narrative: Three Sculptors' Vision at The Plastic Club, Philadelphia, PA.
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