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Rob Diseker

Rob Diseker
Rob has dabbled in artistic expression his whole life, from playing guitar in a band to fine arts drawing and photography. The confluence of having more time due to working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic and his boys going off to college led him to cultivate an interest in the bronzing process and develop his sculpture skills. He has had training from various professional sculptors in the US and Italy and has developed a strong mentorship with Mardie Rees, a sculptor in Seattle, WA. His work has included figure, portrait, low (bas) and high (alto) relief clay sculpture. In April, 2021, Rob was chosen for the Associates Invitational Exhibition of the National Sculpture Society for his portrait, “The Girlfriend”: The artist resides in Wilmington, N.C. with his lovely wife, two dogs and cat. He is currently open for commissions and his online portfolio can be seen @disdog on Instagram and at
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