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Dan Brook

Elected Sculptor
Dan Brook
Native American (Muscogee-Creek) artist Dan Brook was born in ranch life in the Creek nation of Oklahoma. Memories of his father, a second-generation rancher and Indian cowboy, and his vivid tales of turn of the century ranch life are preserved in Brook’s mind. The fellow native playmates of his childhood, the cowboys and neighboring farmers, themselves descendants of early pioneers of Indian-territory, provided a rich tapestry of images, culture and history for the artist to draw upon. His gift was evident from early childhood. “My earliest memories are of drawing. I suppose that is true of most children, I just never stopped. The only thing that changed is I moved on to sculpture." Decades later, Dan continues to inhabit and express who he is; a man fulfilled and happy in what he does. He and his lovely wife Dianna, live happily in Cisco, Texas.
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