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Fan Yu

Yu Fan
Fan’s passion of sculptures rooted in his boundless obsession of animals, especially dogs, which also shown in his numerous achievements and profound knowledge of handling and grooming show dogs since 2001. From 2009, Fan received many of commissions about top show dogs from the owners, breeders, handlers and many kennel clubs, even the AKC Museum of the Dog. Fan hopes to reflect the great love for dogs in his sculptures. Every heavy and cold bronze sculpture should be able to fill the heart of every audience and collector with the power of warmth, love, and light from Fan's sincere and moving creations. Not only Fan is praised as the best canine sculptor in our time by many important figures in the dog world, his art works show extraordinary beauty in the art world as well, which has been selected in many world-class art exhibitions and award-winning. Fan resides in Beijing and Los Angeles with his wife, Amy, where he pursues his passion for creating spirited animal sculpture.
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