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Tina Curry

Tina Curry
Tina began working with clay over 30 years ago. She holds a BA from the University of Florida and worked for 35 years in Graphic Design. Now retired, she is a full-time ceramic and bronze sculptor living in Knoxville, Tennessee. All of her sculptures are hand-built, so each has its own distinctive personality and characteristics. The specialty pieces are one of a kind and born of pure imagination. Alternative firing techniques using natural elements of horse hair, sawdust, banana peels, coffee, manure, and salt create an organic fusion. Bronze sculpture was added to her body of work in 2019 - another artistic medium that she has always wanted to pursue. In 2021, the first lady selected Tina among artists in her home state to create the Governors Arts Awards, which recognizes individuals and organizations that have made significant contributions to the arts or cultural life of Tennessee. Ceramics Monthly Magazine (September 2022) features an article about Tina and her clay journey.
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