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Allied Professional
Bridget Ayres
3DLirious is an engineer/artist team who runs a small 3dscanning/3d design/3dprinting studio in DFW, Texas, working with artists/sculptors/glassblowers, foundries, etc. on a variety of projects. Our passions: beginning with an outstanding 3dmodel and finishing our 3dprints with intense care, often using a metal coating process unique to our studio that puts them in a class above where most imagine 3dprints fall. In this global economy, we can showcase one's work online in 3d to be viewed by anyone in the world with internet access and the patience to learn to spin a 3dmodel around in virtual space (it's actually quite easy). Our favorite annual project is making copies of statues for Amon Carter Museum of American Art's Close Encounters program, which allows museum guests to interact with some of their collection by holding a copy of works in their laps! Our other pet project is adding 3dscans to the Scan The World archive; we've shared over 130 sculptures from 3 countries so far!
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