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Vaughn Babcock

Vaughn C. Babcock
Vaughn Chandler Babcock is an artist and an architect whose passions are both figurative and abstract art as well as contemporary architecture. Upon graduating from UC Berkeley with a BArch degree and extensive studies in sculpture, Vaughn worked with noted architect Frank Gehry where he expanded both art and architecture horizons by exposure to the "Cool School" artists and their works and to several world renowned architects and musicians. Vaughn's latest work has been exhibited at Bergamot Station in Santa Monica, CA, and at the Huntington Beach Art Center, also in California. Vaughn's bronzes examine beliefs and human behaviors such as the power struggle and disassociation between the sexes, condemnation, guilt, shame, false modesty, vulnerability, love, courage, rebellion, and freedom. Future work will address hope, greed, race, abortion, immigration, and war. Materials Vaughn uses, rich in patinas and gilding, are secondary to larger personal and social issues portrayed
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