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Kathleen Friedenberg

Kathleen Friedenberg
My approach to sculpture was totally backwards! I began as a veterinarian, then trained as a medical illustrator. Years later, for fun, I took some sculpture classes and was irretrievably hooked! I studied with Zenos and Evangelos Frudakis, gaining a more classical approach, and my veterinarian background gave me the knowledge of animal anatomy and behavior. I studied human anatomy at the University of Pennsylvania. Horses are the favorites in a wide range of human and animal subjects. I was involved with the American Academy of Equine Art, conducting workshops on sculpture of the horse for 20 years. Winning the Academy’s “Award of Excellence” for 3 consecutive years, and more, was a notable achievement. I have taught at the Scottsdale Artists School, Brookgreen Gardens, and for other groups. I was the subject of NSS’s May/June 2013 Profile, and in 2018, became a Fellow of the Society. I am particularly concerned with accuracy and vitality in my work. "If it isn't alive, I've failed!"
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