SEWE Participation Scholarship

The SEWE Scholarship is directed toward an emerging wildlife sculptor. The recipient will attend NSS’ 2021 Sculpture Conference.  The recipient is also expected to apply for the 2022 Southeastern Wildlife Exposition.

Eligibility: Sculptors must have been born between 1981-2002. All applicants must be citizens of or residents in the United States with a social security number.

Jury of Selection: The jury will consist of three sculptors.

Deadline: November 2, 2020


a) Three night hotel stay

b) Registration fee for the Sculpture Conference taking place June 4-6, 2021 at Chesterwood (the former studio of Daniel Chester French), Berkshires, MA. Registration fee inclusive of:

          •      Honors and Awards Dinner
          •      Two receptions with food and beverage
          •      Box lunch on Saturday


    c) Complimentary one year Associate Membership with National Sculpture Society

    Submission Materials:

    1. Images of six to twelve works of wildlife sculpture (up to twenty-four images total). Images should be in JPEG (.jpg) format. The longest side of the image should be at least 1500 pixels long.

    2. A list stating the title, medium and dimensions of the sculpture in PDF (.pdf) or Word (.docx) format.

    3. A biography or resume in PDF (.pdf) or Word (.docx) format.

    To Submit:

    Applications can be shared with through file sharing programs such as Dropbox, Google DrivesendthisfileHightailWeTransfer, etc… Be sure to state ‘SEWE Scholarship’ in the subject line or body of the email.

Henry Hering Art and Architecture Award

The Henry Hering Art and Architecture Award is presented as the occasion warrants for outstanding collaboration between architect, owner and sculptor in the distinguished use of sculpture in an architectural project.

The use of figurative or realist sculpture is of greatest interest.

The jury is looking for excellence in an architectural project in which the architect collaborated with the sculptor and owner of a site.  The jury is composed of two sculptors and one architect.

A winning entry will receive three medals and three hand-lettered citations – one each for architect, owner and sculptor.

The award will be presented at NSS’ 2021 Sculpture Conference.


November 2, 2020

Submission Materials:

A project statement which indicates the purpose of the architecture (church, corporate headquarters, etc.), which describes the history of the project and which demonstrates the interaction between the architect, sculptor and owner of the site.

Up to fifteen images of the site clearly showing the relationship between the building and the sculpture, the site of the sculpture and close-up images of the sculpture itself.  At least one of these images should be of an architectural drawing of the site.

Images should be in JPEG (.jpg) format. The longest side of the image should be 1500 pixels or longer and the resolution can be 72 dpi or higher.

To Submit:

Submissions can be shared with office through file sharing programs such as Dropbox, Google Drive, sendthisfileHightail, WeTransfer,  etc…  Be sure to list “Henry Hering Award” in the subject line or body of the email.

Previous Recipients: