NSS Programs & Awards

Get involved in the artistic community by applying for one of the opportunities available to you, as an artist, below.

The NSS Membership Committee will review all applications for Elected Sculptor membership. Applications recommended by the committee will be voted on by the entire voting membership.

The applicant is encouraged to submit the focus of their work rather than the range of their work. Commercial success and public placements are not a requirement.

The applicant should submit only their best work, quality over quantity. Work done in workshops or instructional settings should not be submitted.  Works in clay and wax are permitted but completed works should be included. Fired clay, plaster, stone, wood, steel, bronze, resin and other permanent materials are considered complete.

The sculpture should be photographed against a contrasting, non-distracting background, the camera should be on a tripod, lighting should enhance the form and not flatten it.

Deadline: March 2022

To Submit:

Submissions will be accepted online at Entry-Thingy

Submission Materials:

Images of up to 15 works of sculpture (up to 3 views each – 45 images total).

A resume.

No submission fee


All Associate membership benefits, plus the opportunity to serve on various committees within the NSS, voting rights in the NSS and placement of your images and biographical information in our archives.

Dues: $250 per year once elected

NSS programs are open to individuals of all ages, races, ethnic origins, colors, genders and religions.

March 2022

Many of the National Sculpture Society’s prizes are given at its Annual Awards Exhibition, which has a Jury of Selection and a separate Jury of Awards.

  •     Gold Medal / Charlotte Geffken Prize of $4,000
  •     Silver Medal / Maurice B. Hexter Prize of $3,000
  •     Bronze Medal / John Cavanaugh Memorial Prize of $2,000
  •     Andre Harvey Award of $2,500
  •     The Anna Hyatt Huntington Award $1,000 and a Brookgreen Medal
  •     Fred and Cheryl Newby Patrons Award $1,000
  •     Marcel Jovine President’s Prize $1,000
  •     The Marilyn Newmark Memorial Award $1,000
  •     Susan and Robert Polack Prize $1,000
  •     Marion and Gilbert Roller Memorial Prize of $1,000
  •     Pietro and Alfrieda Montana Memorial Prize $750
  •     The Ortmayer/Corcoran Teachers Award $500
  •     The Agop Agopoff Memorial Prize $500
  •     The Margaret Hexter Prize $500
  •     The Edith H. and Richman Proskauer Prize $500
  •     Jane B. Armstrong Memorial Award $400
  •     The Beverly Hoyt Robertson Memorial Award $200 and the Gloria Medal