NSS Programs & Awards

Get involved in the artistic community by applying for one of the opportunities available to you, as an artist, below.

National Sculpture Society is reviewing and revising its membership application process. Please bear with us while we finalize these changes; in 2017, National Sculpture Society will not accept applications for Elected Membership. New guidelines for 2018 will be posted on our social media sites and website later this year.  In the meantime, you can participate and take advantage of all our programs as an Associate member.

NSS By-Laws: Article II: Members – Section 1. (b) Sculptor Members: A sculptor of approved merit shall become a Sculptor Member upon the nomination by the Board by a majority vote (or unanimous written consent), and by the affirmative vote of at least two-thirds of the Fellows, Sculptor Members, and Directors at a General Meeting or special meeting of the members of the Society.


Not accepting applications at this time

The majority of the National Sculpture Society’s prizes are given at its Annual Awards Exhibition, which has a Jury of Selection and a separate Jury of Awards. The submission deadline is usually in the spring and will be noted on the NSS website calendar.

  •     Gold Medal/Charlotte Geffken Prize of $5,000
  •     Silver Medal/Maurice B. Hexter Prize of $3,000
  •     Bronze Medal/John Cavanaugh Memorial Prize of $2,000
  •     Marcel Jovine President’s Prize $1,000
  •     The Pat Munson Prize for avian sculpture $1,000
  •     The Marilyn Newmark Memorial Award $1,000
  •     Marion and Gilbert Roller Memorial Prize $1,000
  •     Montana Memorial Prize $750
  •     The Agop Agopoff Memorial Prize $500
  •     Jane B. Armstrong Memorial Award $400
  •     The Margaret Hexter Prize $300
  •     The Edith H. and Richman Proskauer Prize $300
  •     The Beverly Hoyt Robertson Memorial Award $200


Prizes that are presented at the Sculpture Celebration Conference include:

  •      Modeling Competition (more info under COMPETITIONS)
  •      Participation Scholarships (more info under COMPETITIONS)
  •      The Alex J. Ettl Grant (more info under GRANTS)
  •      The Marilyn Newmark Memorial Grant (more info under GRANTS)
  •      The Dexter Jones Award (more info under AWARDS)
  •      Henry Hering Art and Architecture Awards (more info under AWARDS)