84th Annual Award Winners

84th Annual Award Winners

Annual Exhibition


Brookgreen Gardens, Pawleys Island, SC

On October 4th, the Jury of Awards met at Brookgreen Gardens to decide the 15 prize recipients of National Sculpture Society’s 84th Annual Awards Exhibition.  The Jury of Awards is composed of at least two sculptors and a curator and this year includes:  Lori Kornegay, Curator of Art, South Carolina State Museum; Ken Smith, Sculptor; and Dale Weiler, NSS.

NSS Gold Medal and Charlotte Geffken Prize of $5,000

    Omo Girl by James Stewart, NSS, (bronze)


NSS Silver Medal and Maurice B. Hexter Prize of $3,000

    Disintegrating Mortal by Eirik Arnesen, (aqua resin)


NSS Bronze Medal and John Cavanaugh Memorial Prize of $2,000

    Nepenthes by Lewis Brown, (linden wood)


Green-Wood Cemetery Award of $1,500

    Her by Carl Raven, (marble)


Fred and Cheryl Newby Patrons Award of $1,000

         Maestro by Diana Reuter-Twining, (bronze)


 Marcel Jovine President’s Prize of $1,000

    Model Mr. Zhao by Shuhai Cao, (gfrp)


Pat Munson Prize of $1,000 for avian sculpture

    Angelorum by Peregrine O’Gormley, NSS, (juniper wood with burning)


Marilyn Newmark Memorial Award of $1,000 – For a realistic sculpture done in the classical tradition

    Roosting Rooster Fragment by Sandy Scott, FNSS, (bronze)


Marion and Gilbert Roller Memorial Prize of $1,000

    Lightness of Being by Dora Natella, FNSS, (bronze and steel plate)


Pietro and Alfrieda Montana Memorial Prize of $750 – For an outstanding work, either carved or cast

      Charlotte by Bela Bacsi, FNSS, (italian marble with steel)


Agop Agopoff Memorial Prize of $500 – For a classical sculpture

       Bloom by Amy Kann, FNSS, (forton)


Jane B. Armstrong Memorial Award of $400

      Millennial by Kate Brockman, NSS, (bronze, aluminum, concrete)


Edith H. and Richman Proskauer Prize of $300 for a non-traditional sculpture

       Mother & Child with a Glock by Meredith Bergmann, (bonded carrara)


Margaret Hexter Prize of $300 for a creative sculpture in the round

       Dan Perplexed by Glenn Marlowe, NSS, (plaster)


Beverly Hoyt Robertson Memorial Award of $200 and Gloria Medal For a work by a young sculptor (age 40 or younger)      Requiem by Kevin Chambers, NSS, (bronze)



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