All Creatures Great and Small


National Sculpture Society (NSS) is the oldest organization of professional sculptors in the United States.  In 1893 leading sculptors and architects founded the National Sculpture Society in New York City to “spread the knowledge of good sculpture” throughout the country.

Sculptors included in the exhibition are: Lorri Acott; Joy Kroeger Beckner, FNSS; Babette Bloch; Dan Chen; Tim Cherry, FNSS; Darrell Davis, NSS; Floyd DeWitt, FNSS; D.L. Engle, NSS; James Ferrari; Daniel Glanz, NSS; Bob Guelich, FNSS; David Hayes; Tony Hochstetler, NSS; Lee Hutt, FNSS; Roger Martin, NSS; Diane Mason; Adam Matano; George McMonigle, NSS; Leo E. Osborne, FNSS; Ulrich Pakker; Louise Peterson, FNSS; David Price; Diana Reuter-Twining; Rosetta, FNSS; Ken Rowe; Wayne Salge, NSS; Stefan Savides, NSS; Adam Schultz, NSS; Kent Ullberg, FNSS; Bart Walter, FNSS; Dale Weiler, NSS; and Meg White.