Recent Works by Elected Sculptor Members


On Monday, June 1, Recent Works by Elected Sculptor Members opened online at National Sculpture Society’s website.

While many galleries, museums and art festivals are closed to the public due to the global pandemic, NSS is pleased to showcase exhibitions to a world-wide audience on its website. For this show, Elected Sculptor Members responded with pieces in the round and in relief, bronzes fresh-from-the foundry and designs for sculptures yet to be realized. The recent works are reflective of what inspires NSS artists to create and what motivates them to return to their studio day after day. Highlights include a 25-foot long octopus mosaic, a plump marble bull, a digital drawing for a Covid-19 Memorial, and hula dancers undulating in rhythmic dance. The dozens of figurative and animal sculptures on display represent the diverse styles, backgrounds and disciplines of NSS Elected Sculptor Members.

Elected Sculptor Members in the show include Douglas Aja, Richard Barnet, Richard Becker, Jeff Birchill, Marlys Boddy, Mary Buckman, George Bumann, Ernest Caballero, Steve Carpenter, Kevin Chambers, Susie Chisholm, Angela De la Vega, Martin Gates, Michael Aaron Hall, Timothy Hooton, Alexa King, Nick Lamb, Jerry Luisi, Elizabeth MacQueen, Adam Matano, Yasumitsu Morito, Ken Newman, Olga Nielsen, Pokey Park, Alicia Ponzio, Stephanie Revennaugh, David Richardson, Scott Rogers, Stefan Savides, Pati Stajcar, Bill Starke, James Stewart, Suzanne Storer, Ryochi Suzuki, Kristine Taylor, LeRoy Transfield, Jiannan Wu, and Belgin Yucelen

National Sculpture Society was founded in New York City in 1893 by a group of America’s most prominent sculptors. Its members have created much of this country’s public sculpture, coins, and medals since the late 1800s. It is the oldest organization of professional sculptors in the United States and has been hosting exhibitions for over a century. Fellows (FNSS), Elected Sculptor Members (NSS), and Associates designate the types of sculptor membership in the organization, which is international in scope and appeal. National Sculpture Society is dedicated to promoting excellence in sculpture that is inspired by nature.

Recent Works by Elected Sculptor Members is on view on the National Sculpture website and then will remain in archives for easy access.