Young Sculptors Exhibition Award Winners


A Jury of Awards met and awarded prizes to four artists in the Young Sculptors Exhibition. The three jurors were  NSS Fellow and former NSS President Richard Blake, NSS Elected Member, Jim Rennert and Medialia Rack and Hamper Gallery Owner and Sculptor, Mashiko.  The award winning sculpture and artists include:  An Evening Under the Starless Abyss by Christopher Kunk (President’s Prize of $2,000); We Change With the Passing of Every Sun by Amber Lelli (Fantasy Fountain Fund Award of $2,000); Andrea by Kelly Micca (Fantasy Fountain Fund Award of $1,500); and On The Cliff by Varvara Mitrofanova (Fantasy Fountain Fund Award of $1,000).

The Young Sculptors Exhibition is on view in the NSS Gallery in midtown Manhattan through March 4, 2022.

This exhibition was made possible with the generous support of the Fantasy Fountain Fund and Michel Langlais.