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Cecilia DelGaudio

Cecilia DelGaudio
Cecilia DelGaudio has been carving wood and stone since 1980, which she learned at Rhode Island School of Design, under the expert guidance of Arnold Prince. Her focus has primarily been on the study of the figures and the mastering of the direct-carving method. Her secondary interest has been the discovery and use of sculptural materials and techniques, particularly mold-making processes, which she developed an expertise along with the use of unique patinas with cold cast metal powders to create high-quality limited-edition pieces. She has a Master’s Degree in Art Education from Massachusetts College of Art and a B.A. from Albertus Magnus College, has taught art in private and public schools CT and MA, carving and sculpture to adults at the Worcester Art Museum, and advanced sculpture workshops for adults in her studio. Celia has shown throughout New England and the East coast and is currently an exhibiting member of the Providence Art Club, New England Sculpture Association and
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