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Erik Durant

Elected Sculptor
Erik Durant
Erik Durant is a figurative sculptor based in New Bedford, MA. He studied History and Sculpture at Southern Connecticut State University. In 2001, he attended the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, receiving an MFA in Sculpture in 2004. Durant’s personal work is a quest to understand the human condition. As a sculptor his main interests lie in gesture, movement, and pose. His works are at times illustrative, but always realist, exploring historical, and contemporary narratives. Issues surrounding beauty, the body, and identity, give rise to a version of contemporary mythology that is new, yet seemingly familiar. In addition to Durant’s personal work, he creates custom sculptures for municipalities, private groups, and individuals. His public commissions include the New Bedford Fisherman’s Tribute Monument and the memorial statue of former Massachusetts State Representative Tom Lopes in New Bedford, MA. In October 2020, his commission of Elizabeth Taber was unveiled in Marion, MA.
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