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Charles Bergen

Charles Bergen
I love to tell stories with my artwork. As an artist, I am particularly intrigued by history, community, wildlife, and the human form. My art is figurative and representational. I find that my varied interests allow me to connect my art to a variety of locations, backgrounds, and clients. In order to tell my stories, I find that working in simplified forms that capture the essence of the animal, person or scene depicted readily engages the viewer and connects them with my art. My training and thirty-years of architectural practice before returning to focus on sculpture have helped me to work at scales both large and small and to better understand the site to which my work must relate and be located in. My experience with materials, specifications, and detailing has helped me greatly in selecting the appropriate materials, forms, and structural strategies for my artwork. British Normandy Memorial Waymarkers. Winner of the 2022 Henry Hering Award.
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