2017 Conference Wrap-Up

Attendees took part in a variety of events held from June 23-25, 2017 in New York City.  They were especially excited to view sculpture demonstrations by Paul Moore (who modeled NSS Patron Bruner Barrie), Olga Nielsen (who modeled NSS Patron Toni Jewell), Eugene Daub (who modeled NSS Patron Bob Jewell) and Tuck Langland (who modeled NSS Patron Nancy Barrie). They also learned from Janice Mauro during her demonstration on modeling in wax and from Carter Jones who demonstrated lettering in bas-relief.

Two panel discussions were also held during the conference. Amy Kann, FNSS, and Chairperson of the Education Committee, organized and moderated the panel on “Abstraction and Design Within Realism”.  Sculptors Stuart Mark Feldman, Stephen Layne and Jay Goldstein discussed geometric pattern design, Fibonacci’s employment of the golden section and illustrative vs. fine art.

Robin R. Salmon, Vice President for Collections and Curator of Sculpture at Brookgreen Gardens, led a presentation titled “Survival and Success: Career Sculptors Share Lessons Learned” with four veteran sculptors of the National Sculpture Society. Sandy Scott, Paul Moore, Amy Kann and T.D. Kelsey shared their tips for having a successful sculpture career.

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National Sculpture Society thanks the suppliers, services, educational institutions, foundries, and other organizations who took part in the conference activities on Friday and Saturday: