2018 Fellows

2018 Fellows

National Sculpture Society is proud to announce our newest Fellows:

John Belardo

Paige Bradley

Kate Brockman

Darrell Davis

Tom Durham

Barry Eisenach

Kathleen Friedenberg

Jay F. Goldstein

Stephen Layne

Antonio Tobias Mendez

Vala Ola

Sandra Shaw

Lori Shorin

David H. Turner

According to NSS’ by-laws, A Sculptor Member shall become a Fellow upon the nomination by a majority vote (or unanimous written consent) of the members of the Board and the affirmative vote of two-thirds of the Fellows and Board Members voting at a General Meeting or special meeting of the members of the Society. Criteria for consideration of election to membership as a Fellow include: professional development in the field of Sculpture, participation in the Sculpture Community, educational contributions to Sculpture, and participation in the National Sculpture Society. On June 23rd, the ballots were counted at NSS’ General Meeting. All fourteen sculptors received the necessary two-thirds affirmative vote to advance. Congratulations!

Sculpture News: Unseen Angel – detail by Kate Brockman, FNSS

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