2022 Sculpture Jam

The 2022 Sculpture Jam took place August 4-6 at JUMP in Boise, Idaho. Participating sculptors were: Jay Arrera – Leroy Transfield – Ethan Martin – Stephanie Teeter – Daniel Borup – Daniel Hidalgo – Andrey Sledkov – Laura Lee Bradshaw – Jonathan Burns – and Madeline Lively

1st Place went to Andrey Sledkov
2nd Place went to Laura Lee Bradshaw
3rd Place went to Leroy Transfield
JUMP’s Choice Award (visitors’ choice) went to Madeline Lively
Sculptors Choice Award (chosen by votes from the participating sculptors) went to Andrey Sledkov
Honorable mention to Ethan Martin

Thank you to Daniel Borup and the NSS Idaho Community for putting the event together. Congratulations to all the participants!