2024 Annual Awards Exhibition



BROOKGREEN GARDENS, SC: May 4 – July 21, 2024

INDIANAPOLIS ART CENTER, IN:  August 19 – December 15, 2024

AWARD WINNING WORKS AT NSS GALLERY, NYC: January 13 – March 22, 2025


National Sculpture Society’s 2024 Annual Awards Exhibition is open to NSS Fellows, Elected Sculptor Members, and Associates whose dues are paid in full. Not a member? Join HERE. Please note realistic work inspired by nature is preferred. All entries are subject to jury. Works previously exhibited in Annual NSS Exhibitions are ineligible. All work will be juried anonymously from submitted images. Sculptors must have a social security or tax ID number to be eligible to receive an award. This is a TRAVELING EXHIBITION and works must be available for allotted exhibition times.


Artists are asked to submit their very best work. Sculptures may be in any permanent medium. Terracotta, Plaster, Ceramic, and works in other fragile materials will be considered, but only on the condition that artists assume all responsibility for proper packaging and shipping of works. NSS, Brookgreen Gardens, and Indianapolis Art Center will NOT be held responsible for any damages. Works of all sizes will be considered, including reliefs and medals.


A Jury of Selection and a Jury of Awards will be assembled at a later date. Each jury will include non-members of the NSS and at least 1 sculptor and 1 curator whose responsibilities will be to either review works for inclusion in the show or decide awards for sculpture after the show has been installed. Shortly after the Jury of Selection convenes, emails will be sent to all sculptors who submitted to inform them whether their work was chosen or not. The Jury of Awards will meet after the exhibition is installed and a “People’s Choice” Award will be presented at the reception. All participating sculptors will be notified by email of the Jury of Awards selections and the “People’s Choice Award” in a timely manner.


All accepted sculptors will be asked to sign a brief contract stating that they agree to loan their accepted work of sculpture for the duration of the exhibition at Brookgreen Gardens and Indianapolis Art Center. Separate contracts will be sent to 16 award winners for the duration of the exhibition at the NSS Gallery in NYC. Contracts will establish price for all works intended for sale.


Insurance for individual works in transit and during the exhibit is strongly encouraged and is the responsibility of the sculptor.


Sculptures accepted in the exhibition are not required to be available for sale. Inquiries about purchasing works in the exhibition will be referred to Brookgreen Gardens. A commission of 25% will be charged on all sales. A courtesy discount of 10% will be given to Patron Members and taken off the top of the sale price; artists and Brookgreen Gardens will split the 10% discount. National Sculpture Society will receive no commission from sales. Prices will be established in this agreement and will not be subject to change.


An exhibition catalogue will be created for the show and a cataloging fee of $100 will be charged to each sculptor juried into the show. Information about individual works will be taken after acceptance into the show. Each exhibitor will receive 4 copies of the catalog.


A celebration reception will be held at Brookgreen Gardens on Saturday, July 20. A reception will be held at Indianapolis Art Center on Friday, September 20 as part of NSS’ Sculpture Weekend. A closing reception will held at the NSS Gallery on March 22nd, 2025.


A non-refundable processing fee of $50 must be included with all submissions; credit card information will be taken on a secure server.


Sculpture MUST be crated. NO EXCEPTIONS! Cardboard boxes will not withstand storage and travel-wear and will not be accepted. Crates should be constructed with screws so that they can be easily opened and closed several times. Building a crate that must be completely disassembled to remove the sculpture or to re-crate it is not acceptable. Opening and closing directions should be marked clearly on the exterior of the crate, and the sculptor’s name should also be boldly and clearly marked on the crate for ease of handling in transit. Artists may choose to enclose photographs or diagrams to illustrate proper crating of work.


  • December 15, 2023: Submission deadline.
  • January 15, 2024: Notification emailed to artists.
  • February 1: Catalogue material due (photos, artist statements and contract).
  • April 8 – 26: Sculpture shipped to/received at Coastal Transfer & Storage in Georgetown, SC.
  • May 4: 2024 Annual Awards Exhibition opens at Brookgreen Gardens.
  • July 20: Reception for 2024 Annual Awards Exhibition at Brookgreen Award winners announced.
  • July 21: 2024 Annual Awards Exhibition closes at Brookgreen Gardens.
  • July 22 – 26: Entire show is dismantled and all sculpture is re-crated in original crates.
  • July 29: All sculpture is picked up and shipped to Indianapolis Art Center, IN, in a dedicated truck.
  • August 19: 2024 Annual Awards Exhibition opens at Indianapolis Art Center.
  • September 20: Reception at Indianapolis Art Center as part of NSS’ Sculpture Conference.
  • December 15: 2024 Annual Awards Exhibition closes at Indianapolis Art Center.
  • December 17 – 22: Show is dismantled and all sculpture is re-crated in original Artists whose works did NOT win an award, will NOT have work traveling to NYC, may make arrangements to have their works shipped back to them from Indianapolis Art Center.
  • January 13 – March 22, 2025: 2024 Annual Award Winners Exhibition at NSS Gallery in NYC.
  • March 22: Closing reception for 2024 Annual Award Winners.
  • March 23 – 30: 2024 Annual Award Winners’ works re-crated and shipped back to artists.


  • Submit at nationalsculpture.org/entry-thingy .  Be certain to submit to “2024 Annual Awards Exhibition”
  • Sculptors may submit up to a maximum of 3 works (and up to 3 images/work) for a grand total of 9 images.
  • Sculptors will be required to give their name, address, title of sculpture, date, medium, dimensions (height including base, base width and depth), and price of work (if for sale).
  • $50 non-refundable processing Secure credit card payments can be made through Authorize.net. Personal checks or money orders will be accepted via mail payable to National Sculpture Society.


  • All works must be delivered in a crate that is suitable for No exceptions! (Cardboard boxes will not with- stand the travel & storage and will not be accepted).
  • All works must be shipped, at sculptor’s expense, to Coastal Transfer & Storage, 3250 South Fraser Street, Georgetown, SC 29440. At the conclusion of the exhibition’s run at Brookgreen Gardens, all works will be re- crated and shipped to Indianapolis Art Center in Indianapolis, Indiana. At the conclusion of the exhibition’s run at the Indianapolis Art Center, 16 award-winning works will be re-crated and shipped to the NSS Gallery in NYC for the 2024 Annual Award Winners Exhibition. Artists not included in the 2024Award Winners Exhibition may make arrangements to ship their work back from Indianapolis Art Center, Indianapolis, IN 46220.
  • NSS will pay for shipment of sculpture to Indianapolis Art Center and for the 16 award-winning works included in the 2024 Annual Award Winners’ Exhibition to the NSS Gallery in Sculptors must pay for return shipment of their work from Indianapolis Arts Center at the conclusion of the show. If work is included in the 2024 Award Winners Exhibition, artists must pay for return shipment of their work from NYC at the conclusion of the show.

EXHIBITION QUESTIONS?  Contact Patty Delahanty at National Sculpture Society

exhibitions@nationalsculpture.org or (212) 764-5645 ext. 103